I still have my sanity

Hello 8 Month old baby.

I could get all sentimental and go on and on about how time goes to fast, but I would just be repeating myself from previous months and just stating the absolute truth. One of the many things I have learned over the past few months was that once you have children your perception of time all of a sudden is on fast forward with no way to pause it or reverse it. The past few days I have been reminiscing and looking at all the various videos we have taken of Matthew over the past 8 months and I am still unable to completely believe that my baby is growing up, he has continued to grow into this amazing little boy. He is curious, cautious, humorous, loving, silly, and not to mention adorable. His personality has been developing more and more with each passing day.

Right now as I write this baby Matthew is out with his dad for a day on the town while I get to have a little “me” time. I miss him terribly, as always but I need this moment of peace and silence without the constant need of baby attention. Last night was a tough night, you see Matthew still does not sleep through the night. I am often surprised at my own level of sanity with the lack of sleep I get. You see Matthew seems to actually enjoy waking up as often as every hour every night (bad night), and a good night is considered to be once/twice. Oh how I wish for a once/twice a night wake up. I have a few theories as to why he has reverted back to being a newborn baby again:

  • Teething: He finally got his first teeth about two weeks ago. I say he is an overachiever and had two come in at once on the same day and by the looks of his gums he is working on the top set as well.
  • He misses us: Who wouldn’t miss their mom and dad when they had to sleep in a small windowless room. Maybe he sees shadows go across the glass french doors leading into his room, monsters perhaps?
  • Monsters: He has an over active imagination. Sure he is only 8 months old, but he is very creative and imaginative. Pretending a block is food, or pretending to make his stuffy beluga whale fly. Maybe his imagination is already seeing monsters under the bed? Maybe there really are monsters that only he can see and will grow out of/they move along once old enough to verbalize what he can see.
  • Rolling accidents: When he sleeps in the big bed with mom & dad he rolls every direction possible. He often travels around in his sleep. Perhaps his crib is just to small for his rolling space and needs more room to move about? I have come in to find him rolled into the side and heard him on a few occasions bump his head/legs against the slats.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will always be there for my son when he wakes up crying in the middle of the night just a night or two every now and again would greatly help my sanity and my ability to parent. Over the months I have noticed that when we have an active day and are out and about that he sleeps “better” at night. It is often hard to do when I am running on minimal sleep. Dont even get me started on nap times either, He use to nap like a champ and do two one plus hour naps every day but since two weeks ago his napping has also gone to the shits. He was sick two weeks ago and ended up napping with me during the day due to congestion and his constant need to snuggle, the week after we went away to my families Secret Island. That threw routine right out the damn window so far we couldn’t even recognize normal. He slept with us on the floor, stayed up late, napped on mom & dad at random times in the daytime, woke up early, played under the light of the moon plus everything was so exciting and new that sleep was boring and he might miss out on something fun! I am really hoping with the continued “routine” normal structure that Matthew will learn that he is indeed a baby and not a teenage child and that sleep is a happy fun thing to do. All the cool babies are doing it.

Besides all the sleep issues we have, Matthew is still an amazing baby. Always smiling, giggling, and loving. I guess I got it good in the baby personality department. He has been so active, crawling every where, exploring and observing everything. I swear if he could talk he would as he chats us up all the time almost like he is asking “what is this?” “why?”¬† and all those fun toddler phrases. September is now here and I swear was once a foreign month, even back in the beginning on the Summer. Summer should just go on for ever and ever.

Some highlights from the summer have been:

  • Surf Junction: Camping, surfing, and beaches.
  • Swimming Lessons: Matthew graduated into the next level with flying colours. Was the only baby to never cry and comfortably floated in his life-jacket smiling the whole time.
  • Play-dates: Derek is the second coolest baby I know (First is Matthew, obviously) Splashy pool fun, parks, movies, walks, the beach and aquarium. All the play-dates with Derek are fun (unless someone is a party pooper and stinks up the place then play-date is over)
  • Labour Day Weekend: Matthew’s first Secret Island labour day long weekend, and my 29th labour day weekend spent up there. Lots of sunshine, family and friends.

What will the fall season bring? I am guessing more play-dates, family and friends also more growing up. Maybe even a little bit more sleep.


WTF August

Where the hell has time gone? Matthews 7 month birthday is in a few short days. July has flown by, why does summer have to always go so fast?

Me and the family have been rocking it out this past month. We went on our annual surf camping trip a few weeks ago. It was pretty amazing. We managed to get Matthew on a surfboard. He was a natural when it came to paddling out beyond the surf. We mainly stick around the beach and watched the waves as there were a few days of yucky weather.



After a fun day at the beach we headed back to our campsite by car (thankfully it is just a few minutes away) and had typical camping food such as spaghetti, tacos, chicken and steak. I did precook the pasta sauce and taco meat. I am awesome! As after a long day playing in the ocean we sure were hungry. I think we eat better when we are camping then being at home.

On our way home Matthew was a complete baby and cried screamed the whole three hour drive to the ferry terminal. Thankfully he repaid us and restored his reputation by crawling for the first time. It was pretty amazing. My boy is mobile! He has some pretty good technique too!

***insert video of Matthew crawling here***

The other week Lisa (& Derek) and I went to the Telus world of Science where we taught the boys about science and we tried our best to complete the animal puzzle but of course we would rather create new animals for the worlds enjoyment.

Matthew enjoyed the textures of the animal fur. Here he is being mauled by a bear.


We also checked out the Di Vinci exibit. Your not allowed to take pictures inside, but I am not one to follow directions. As you can tell Matthew is just thrilled to be in such a fine exhibit showcasing one of history’s greatest inventors.


Then just the other day we had a splashy pool fun day. No babies drowned under our supervision.



I might as well wrap this up as Matthew is napping in the courtyard as I enjoy a beverage from the only clean cup with a lid in our house.





6 Month Probabtion Report

Employee name: Matthew Donald Monkey-Moo
Department: Entertainment (<12mo)
Position: Baby
Date of hire: January 6, 2012
Date of review: July 6, 2012

Reviewing supervisor: Aidan Wynn

Note: There was no 3 month performance/probationary report completed do to employee being away on a scheduled holiday and no supervisors available to complete the review.



The purpose of this meeting is for the employee and the reviewing supervisor to discuss the past 6 months and highlight any areas that may need to be addressed as we move forward to permanent employment.


Description: Understands  and demonstrates the skills set that is required to execute his job.

Employee rating: Exceeds Expectations

Comments: Matthew is very consistent in demonstrating his job specific knowledge and technical capacity. He is capable of engaging those around him including strangers in conversation, providing entertainment for all he meets. He continues to keep up with new industry trends and then applies them when he sees they are beneficial to his work.


Description: Clearly expresses ideas. Readily shares appropriate work-related information.

Employee rating: Satisfactory/Poor

Comments: He main form of communication has been using a series of primitive sounds such as grunts, babbles, “raspberry” sounds, cries and laughter. He often relies on others to guess his needs and wants. He has on a few occasions communicated the need to be picked up by raising his arms, and when distraught has made a sound as if he is asking for his “Mom-ma”. Management will continue to work with him on his communication skills as needed. *note: His written communication is also lacking, this may be do to the fact the IT department still has not set up an email account for him. We are hoping this will help to resolve some of the ongoing communication problems.


Description: Suggests the introduction of new ideas or methods to better achieve goals and responsibilities within the company.

Employee Rating: Meets expectations

Comments: Matthew has suggested many new and creative ways to use various items around the company such as chewing on them, sucking, hitting, banging, and dropping. Management appreciates the input and the dedication Matthew has made around the office. He is sometimes hesitant to look at things from a different perspective. He is reminded that sensitive electronics such as telephones, computers and remotes are off limits to his creative testing.


Description: Builds productive rapport with employees and clientele at all levels within the organization. Treats others with fairness, dignity, and respect

Employee rating: Good

Comments: Matthew has the ability to connect positively with everyone around him. Smiling at everyone he meets and interacts with within the company, though his emotions are at times unpredictable. He at times allows his emotions to get the best of him, resulting in unprofessional behaviour such as hair pulling, grabbing faces, screaming and crying. Management is thankful that this behaviour is mainly done behind close doors and rarely seen in public. Matthew often forgets that his superiors have basic needs such as eating and sleeping. When calm and happy he is quite a joy to be around.


Description: Consistently adheres to set work schedule

Employee rating: Poor

Comments: Matthew is reminded that the hours of 9pm – 8am are for sleeping. It has been a constant struggle for him to follow this since starting at the company. Management is hoping he will begin to abide by this important company policy soon. During the daytime hours Matthew is very flexible when it comes to schedule changes, and only recently begun to sleep on his own at nap time and during evening hours. Management is working hard to assist in anyway possible. They often look forward to each new day together.


Description:  A high level of excellence, going above and beyond basic requirements when dealing with individuals or other companies in the business environment

Employee rating: Poor

Comments: Others are often uncomfortable with the lack of warning and provocation needed when he vomits and spits up. Matthew often resorts to headbutting, scratches, grabbing and screaming at others when dealing with displeasure. His superiors often have difficulties with sleep, eating, bathing and other basic needs due to Matthew’s constant need for attention. Matthew often shows up to work wanting to be naked and lays around the office in only a diaper and protests when supervisors attempt to change him into appropriate work attire. Matthew’s moods are also often unpredictable.


Follow up review is recommended at 12 months. Matthew’s employment at the company will be continued indefinitely as it would take more than 40 weeks to acquire a suitable replacement. He is reminded to continue to work on what has been outlined above. Management is looking forward to watching him grow and mature.

Special thank you to Lisa for the brilliant idea for this post

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